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Criminal Attorney Job Description and Skills

We all know that this kind of job is risky would never be easy to obtain. Maintaining your professionalism despite countless obstacles in your career would require maturity and emotional stability. These lawyers are worth all the appreciation and thus, should be highly regarded.…Read More »

Category: Law

Giving rewards and promises

Giving rewards and promises for the first time in Albania’s electoral system, the crime of violation of political corruption in the criminal code is foreseen as a new figure in Article 328 of the Criminal Code. Rewarding is in the criminal system…Read More »

Principles of administrative proceedings

Principles of administrative proceedings analyzing the Code of Administrative Procedures by its provisions, we understand that the legislator has devoted a particular chapter to some of its significant institutes, which are entitled principles. These institutes are analyzed in detail but, adapting to…Read More »

Formation of Electronic Contracts

Formation of Electronic Contracts forming a contract, whether electronic or not, consists of actions or one series of acts that precede the conclusion of the contract. Any completed contract must have the parties’ approval, this consent which is manifested by an offer…Read More »