Communication, from information exchange to negotiation

Communication, from information exchange to negotiation Today, the Call Center has been transformed into a contact center, which deals with customer relationships throughout the life cycle. This structure represents for the company, what for the man, is his ear. With the contact center, the company can listen to its customers, being also able to establish a relationship with them, as well as obtain a large amount of data, which will then be processed by marketing.

To ensure this relationship’s success, attention to how messages should be received and conveyed should be maximized. Telephone communication can no longer be oriented to a single transaction. Still, it must be introduced to a relationship that allows each customer to receive the appreciation and sense of being perceived as “That customer” and not just a customer like everyone else.

For many companies, customer satisfaction is essential, as a satisfied customer, in fact, often turns into a loyal customer and a competitive “scenario” in an environment where traditional marketing tools, pricing, and technological performance, which can be quickly neutralized by competitors, the criterion of respect and the principle of non-discrimination, makes the customer more oriented his choice among several similar and competitive companies.

Particular attention should be paid to all customer complaints, where their effective management is crucial to the customer satisfaction strategy, and this is because a customer accepts a problem to the extent that businesses can offer a convenient solution, or even for the fact that they are an essential source of information, which allows understanding better customer expectations and the perceived quality of the company’s products.

In this respect, communication cannot, therefore, be merely an exchange of information, but becomes a “cyclical” system, “an act of negotiation,” with essential importance attributed to language, not only in its descriptive function but even in the operational, performing one.