iPhone XS – Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s new smartphone

During tonight’s Apple Keynote, a whole range of new products from Apple was presented. Tonight’s snack ice cream? iPhone XS of course. We have listed everything you need to know about the new phone!

On Wednesday night, Apple launched several new products during their annual Keynote in Cupertino, California. But tonight’s snack ice cream will definitely be their new … Yes you guessed it – iPhone! 

Presentation of iPhone
A presentation of an iPhone. Image source: Marcio José Sanchez AP / TT


During the Keynote, Apple launched its long-awaited, new and crisp iPhone – and if we have waited! The new Iphone is called the iPhone XS. 

– It is the most advanced iPhone we have ever created, said Apple CEO Tim Cook during the presentation.

Comes in two different sizes

The phone will come in two different sizes as so many times before. It will be launched in two different models, both with OLED displays. And one of the models will rock the largest display to date on an Iphone and it is named iPhone XS Max. Wow, just the name makes one inspired!

Up to one and a half hours longer battery life

This may not be the biggest surprise, but it is then at least very warmly welcomed. Because with the new, updated battery, you will be able to use it for up to an hour and a half longer.


The iPhone XS will also to some extent be waterproof, something that the team behind the phone has tested in several different liquids, such as water and beer.

Better sound system

Yes – what have they not really improved? One thing is very clear at least and that is that the speakers on both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be even better than before.

512 GB

This is probably the sickest thing. 512 gigabytes of space is something that will change the lives of many – now you do not have to worry directly that space is not enough. Wow.


Yes it did not stay there. Apple launched ANOTHER iPhone under their keynote. The so-called iPhone XR.

iPhone XR will rock an LCD display from edge to edge. The display will be larger than the iPhone 8+ display and the phone will share many features with the iPhone XS. 

Basically a cheaper iPhone XS. Woop woop!


In addition to the Iphone XS, Apple launched their new Apple Watch series 4. Something they were especially happy about was that the watch will now be thinner, even though the screen will be over 30 percent larger. 

The watch will also contain a function called “detect a fall”. This means that if you should fall, the clock will feel it. Should it happen that you fall and do not move in 60 seconds, the bell rings for SOS Alarm.

What a thing!


IOS 12 is released today – here’s everything you need to know

Today, it’s finally time for a new update of Apple’s software iOS to be launched. Starting tonight, you will be able to download iOS 12 to your iPhone. So what can you expect for updates?

Last week, it was finally time for Apple’s keynote where they presented their new models of, among other things, iPhone and Apple Watch. And along with the new iPhone, the new operating system, iOS 12, will also come to the phones. But even if you still have to wait a while to buy the new iPhone X, you can already update your operating system tonight.

What time can you update your iPhone? There is no exact time, but according to the website  9to5mac , Apple usually launches its operating systems at 10:00 in California, which means that in that case it will be released at 19:00 in Sweden. But what can you expect with the new operating system? Here are the four most interesting features you get when updating your iPhone. 


Perhaps the most important thing about a phone is that everything you do with it should go fast and for it to work, good performance is needed. So how does the performance of the Iphone improve when you update it? According to Apple  , it will now go up 70 percent faster to swipe to the camera. Up to 50 percent faster to display keyboards and up to twice as fast to launch apps under “heavy workload”. 


With the new update, you will also be able to call even more people on Facetime at the same time. Now you will be able to call a total of 32 people at one and the same time. But how should this work in practice? This is how Apple itself writes about the new update.

“Facetime now supports video and audio conversations with up to 32 people at the same time. The image of the speaker automatically becomes larger, which makes it easier to keep up with the conversation.” 


If you use Snapchat, you are probably used to using Bitmoji, ie an emoji that is personally designed for you. Now Apple has hung on to that track and, with the new update, you can now create your own Animoji or Memoji as they call these. In addition to this add-on, Apple is also adding four new Animoji.

Create your own Animoji.
This is what it will look like when you create your own Animoji on iOS 12. Image source: Apple.


Are you afraid of using your iPhone too much? Maybe you are unsure of how much time you are actually staring into your cell phone. Now you no longer have to think about with iOS 12, you can now see exactly how much time you spend on your device. If you are interested in reading about all the updates, you will find them on Apple’s website . 


Apple invites to new launch event – presents new iPad

Apple invites to a new laser event in New York on October 30 – expected to launch new Ipad.

Many were disappointed when Apple did not launch an iPad during their latest launch event in September. Instead of an Ipad, we got the new Iphone models iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max .

But now it seems that it will actually come, because Apple has invited the media to a completely new event, which The Verge  was the first to write about. 

The event will be held in New York on Tuesday, October 30, and many expect that they will launch both a new iPad and a new MacBook Air. 

The invitation that has been sent out does not explain much but only gives a single message.

“More is on the way”

Apple event October 30.
Apple’s invitation to the media. Image source: Apple


One of the expectations is that a new version of the iPad Pro will be launched and with it it is believed that Apple will have made it both thinner and with FACE ID function. At the same time, Apple is also expected to launch its own AirPower tablet, which means that you can charge your mobile wirelessly, you might think a little late.


A MacBook Air is also expected to go on sale, it is believed that it will be both thinner and even cheaper. But everything is so far just speculation so it remains to be seen what Apple has in store, but new great technology gadgets are underway.


Apple has chosen to even be secretive by sending out different types of invitations to different media. Below you see a selection. 

Apple event in October.
Apple’s interesting invitations. Image source: Apple

Nyheter24 has previously written about the unexpected problem with iPhone XS and XS Max. The problem? It cannot be charged. Read all about the problem here .


That’s how easily he breaks apart the new iPad Pro

Now before Christmas, a new iPad Pro is at the top of many people’s wish lists. But now a youtuber shows how easy it is to break apart the expensive tech stuff. See for yourself here!

Buying new tech stuff is usually really expensive, and of course you want the stuff to last if you happen to get on it or drop them.

But what about Apple’s new flat iPad Pro? ? The youtuber Zack Nelson  on the channel JerryRigEverything  has found out. In a rather painful video , he opens a brand new iPad and starts firing on it, scratching it and destroying the camera to see how easy it is.

The video ends with him simply breaking apart the around SEK 8,000 expensive record. And yes, it does look pretty simple. See the clip at the top of the article to see how he does. 

But does this mean that the iPad is completely useless and fragile? Since the video came to light, this has been discussed online.

The site The Verge writes that it is not only Zack Nelson who noticed the fragility – the toad’s durability has been a hot topic of discussion on various Apple forums over the past week.

The MacWorld magazine says that everything breaks down if you are violent enough, and that you simply have to be a little careful.

“All the tablets I have had have been able to break if you press your thumbs in and bend it with all the force you have. But so would my Macbook, and no one is upset about that “, writes Macworld editor Leif Johnson in a text.

Johnson also writes that you usually do not treat the iPad as harshly as with an iPhone. You might wonder if all parents of young children agree.

See how easily the iPad breaks in the video at the top!


Holiday rescue: How to watch Swedish series abroad

Holidays are wonderful – but to cancel your comic book viewing all the more boring. Something that will probably affect you if you watch SVT Play or another Swedish-based streaming service. But do not worry, there is a solution! And it’s easier than you think.

Even during the holidays, the craving for series can be great, but unfortunately it can be difficult if you look at Swedish-based streaming services. Fortunately, there is a solution and it is easier than you might think!


First of all – why do you suddenly stop watching your favorite series? 

Well, many streaming services use something called geolocation. This means that the server reads your IP number and in that way finds out where in the world you are. If the server detects that you are abroad, it may block some material due to copyright issues. 

Image source: Linus Sundahl-Djerf / SvD / TT

But there are ways to get past this – completely legal!


What you have to do is trick your computer that you are still in Sweden, which is less complicated than it sounds. Simply install an add-on that allows you to change VPN settings – that is, your computer’s physical address, simply put. 

Here are both free and paid solutions to choose from. However, the free versions are known to lag and often work questionably, so it may be worth investing a small penny. For example, the Chrome browser offers a secure application for less money. 

Computer abroad
Image source: Pixabay

Once you have downloaded your add-on, it’s time for the technical part, which fortunately is not so technical. All you have to do is go into the program’s settings and change country to Sweden and vóila – you can continue watching your favorite series!

Image source: Pixabay


You also do not have to worry about breaking any laws, the only material that is illegal to access online is content that has been uploaded without permission. However, individual streaming services may have their own guidelines for how they view the matter, so remember to read these first. 

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Review: So good is the new Fifa 20

Finally it’s time! Now EA Sports’ new Fifa 20 is released. This year’s edition has a lot of news, but unfortunately there is also a lot that is recognizable from previous games.

For many, the new Fifa is this year’s big gaming event – and this year’s edition actually offers a lot of news for the fans.


Fifa has had a real refresh since Fifa 19. The graphics are smoother and nicer than ever, and it is noticeable that they have really worked on how players move and how the pitch feels.

However, you recognize the animations. Small cutscenes like when someone gets a yellow card or when players enter the field are completely unchanged from last year – it feels a bit stingy. The commentators are also recognizable, the question is whether they have changed so much on that front since type Fifa 13.

This type of involuntary recognition lowers the rating.

Fifa 20
Nyheter24 tests Fifa 20


The biggest plus with the new Fifa is the realism – something EA Sports has been careful to market. The ball moves like a real ball, so not completely perfect. The pitch is not completely even and players who have cut roughly over half the pitch can not just stay on half a meter.

For experienced Fifa players, it will take a while to adapt, but it makes the experience faster and more fun.

The more random means that “bad” Fifa players who are used to losing can have a strong chance against superior friends. Fun for the game night in other words!

Fifa 20
This year’s most anticipated game is soon here. Image source: Martin Meissner / AP / TT


The new Volta street mode is fun. It’s as adapted for the friends’ evening or pre-party – but as a lone player it quickly gets boring.

The reason is that it is quite messy and lacks the depth that “ordinary” football has.


  • The graphics 
  • realism
  • The speed


  • Much is recognizable
  • No Juventus due to rights quarrels – however, there is Piedmont Calcio, who have Juventus shirts and the right players. 
  • The penalties are too complicated – a bit impossible when playing two on the same screen

Fifa 20 will be released on September 27!


Security company warned: Personal information could be leaked from TikTok

The security company Check Point warned that TikTok users’ personal information could be leaked.

There have been shortcomings in the handling of personal data on TikTok, according to the security company Check Point. 

Check Point has informed ByteDance, which is the company that owns TikTok. After CheckPoint informed ByteDance, it took about a month before they had fixed the shortcomings in an update. 


The shortcoming meant that hackers could send fake messages from their account so that it looked like it was from TikTok. There was a link in the message that allowed you to access the user’s account and delete or upload videos. 

The link could also allow hackers to access personal information stored on accounts, such as name, birthday and email address. TikTok argue that no personal data are disclosed, writes The Sun .


Luke Deshotels works with security assignments at TikTok, he says that TikTok has always been committed to protecting users’ data. 

Deshotels says that they are happy that security researchers and Check Point have shown what weaknesses the app has had, so that they have been able to correct the errors. 

TikTok say that when they have examined user profiles, it has not shown any patterns that might indicate an attack or a crime would have occurred, according to The Sun .


TikTok is a social media app where users create shorter videos with challenges, lip sync and dances. TikTok was in fourth place of the most downloaded apps in 2019. In June 2018, the app reached 500 million users a month. 


Now Instagram is starting to hide likes in Sweden – here is the reason

Now Instagram is testing to hide likes. This means that some users can no longer see how many people like an image on the popular app. “The idea is to ease the pressure and make it less of a competition,” says Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

Did you notice that something was different when you scrolled through your instagram feed this morning? Then you are probably one of those affected by Instagram’s latest test. 

The test means that some users will no longer be able to see how many people liked an Instagram photo. 


So not all users see the change, but those who do now only see that “others” liked the image instead of the number of likes. 

Instagram started with these tests already in April. Since then, the function has been tested in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, among others, reports Tech Crunch. 

And now users all over the world are affected. 


“It’s mainly about young people. The idea is to ease the pressure and make it less of a competition “, said Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri regarding testing during a press conference. 

In an interview with Tech Crunch , a representative from Instagram explains that the goal is to reduce the pressure that many feel about getting many likes. 

Instagram also hopes that it will motivate users to share things they genuinely want to share, instead of feeling compelled to post things that generate likes. 


New “budget” iPhone in stores already in March – here’s all we know

Apple is not lazy when it comes to spitting out new products. Already in March, a new iPhone will hit stores what it seems – this is all we know at present.

It’s fast in the world of technology and especially when it comes to phones. Bloomberg now reports that Apple is in full swing to develop a new and cheap iPhone that will be in stores already in March.

The technology giant, whose products usually cost a fortune, seems to want to repeat the success of their iPhone SE, which was more or less like an iPhone 5S but cheaper and with a little different technology.

A new iPhone will soon hit stores. Image source: Lise Åserud NTB scanpix / TT


What will the phone look like then? Well, according to information, the new iPhone will look a bit like an iPhone 8 and have a 4.7-inch screen, writes Bloomberg .

Whether it will come out in different colors is still unknown.


From what it looks like, the phone will have the same system chip that you find in the iPhone 11 and 11 pro. It is also believed to get an LCD screen and not an Oled which you can find in the slightly more expensive and latest phones.

Unfortunately, the phone does not seem to come with the face-id feature. So instead of looking at the phone to unlock it, you have to key in an old honest code.


But what will the phone really come off then? Since the iPhone 8 is sold from SEK 5,900 at present, it is speculated that the new phone will have a lower price. How much lower is not yet known.

Nyheter24 has contacted the major mobile companies, but has not been able to get an answer if and when the phone arrives in Sweden.

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